The year 2018 is a very special year for us, because step by step and with great effort we are meeting our targets…..In 2016 the launch of our new catalogue with relax chairs and armchairs were very well received by our customers and created an increasing interest from new markets. Based on those results we have decided to expand our product lines to also include sofas, sofa beds and a collection of accessories.

In the new 2018 catalogue, which we will present at the Valencia and Yecla fairs, we have wanted to express our company ideals and the way we act and live by showing many of the product images supported by women. This is our humble way of showing respect and admiration for them all. Respect for our female work colleagues, female customers, friends and all the women that works in the furniture industry making Spanish design a world reference.

The new catalogue is also presented with a special meaning of hope. Thanks to the shared project with ADCAM, dedicated to promoting international projects and since 2007 working with the Massai community in Kenya (amongst many projects) we present the new catalogue with a gift produced by the Massai women. We believe that offering work to the Massai women is also offering them financial independence, access to food, improved health, education to their kids and helping society in general.

We are well aware that this is only the beginning and that these projects will have to continue to grow, but also that there is still much to do and much to improve.

We are however happy and proud knowing that these small steps to help are part of our core values as a company.

We hope you like what you see.