NOVAMOBILI has chosen Habitat Valencia fair — one of the relevant events on the calendar of design professionals and enthusiasts around the Europe — to present the latest developments, which this year revolve around the bedroom: the focus is on wardrobes, modular configurations and finishes, with this year’s range once again supplemented with the addition of new shades.


Stave, Perry and Layer are the names of the wardrobes that are the heroes of this year’s edition, each standing out for its strong, refined personality.

Doors with decorative vertical battens, curved modules and push-to-open mechanisms are just some of the features characterizing the unique design of the Stave hinged door wardrobe, which comes in matt and oxidized lacquered finishes or veneered in the rovere and noce canaletto finishes. The wealth of possible configurations means the wardrobe can also be used as a room divider, while the special opening system makes the door at once functional and aesthetically flawless.

The doors are once again the real stars of the show on the Layer wardrobe: the smoked or reeded glass sliding door, which creates a spectacular play of transparency, can now be teamed with doors in the oxidized lacquered, eco-wood and super-matt finishes, leather in a choice of colours — testa di moro, scoglio and cognac — or veneered in the rovere and noce canaletto finishes for a warmer, more inviting atmosphere.

The glass doors on the Perry hinged door wardrobe, which were already available in the framed smoked and stop-sol options, now also come either in reeded glass, for a more subtle transparent look, or in screen-printed smoked glass with three different graphic decorations to choose from for a more contemporary-inspired result. Another important new feature is the option of breaking up the run of glass doors with other materials and finishes, thus allowing you to create your own personal style: mirror, eco-wood, leather, super-matt, matt and oxidized lacquered finishes, or rovere and noce canaletto veneers. The metal frame, which previously only came in the bronze finish option, can now be customized in a wide choice of matt, oxidized and metal lacquered finishes, for an even more exclusive look.

In addition to extending the range of finishes, NOVAMOBILI has also focused on how the wardrobes are used: in the case of Perry, for example, people who are particularly demanding when it comes to optimizing space can now opt for the new Panorama system, which allows the door to swing 180 degrees; this is also an option on the corner module, providing even simpler access to the wardrobe’s contents.

Most notably, for hinged door wardrobes, NOVAMOBILI has come up with the option of fitting out the interior with the bronze-finish metal frame partition (which can be also fitted with LED lighting, where required) and the exterior with the glass side panel in either smoked, stop-sol or reeded glass. In addition, hinged door wardrobe modules can be integrated with Tetris units, creating open units, which can be fitted with LED lighting.

Bedroom storage units

Modular systems have always been one of the strong points of the NOVAMOBILI catalogue, whose most significant new offerings for 2022 include a number of solutions designed to enhance the range of bedroom storage units. The first offering is called Sly and is a system of drawer-modules paired with open units: these two elements can be combined to create numerous configurations, from more complex, capacious solutions — which are also perfect for the living room — to the more classic bedside tables. 

Square — the collection of bedside tables, tallboys and chests of drawers — has been conceived along similar lines, drawing on a combination of drawers and open units created by metal frames.

Both products come in an extensive selection of finishes and can feature undermounted wireless smartphone charging.


Space is the new headboard that can be fitted with Duo metal shelves and the panel-mounted C-shaped rack, while it can also be used as wall panelling or as a headboard for Platform and Divan beds. It comes in the eco-wood and super-matt finishes, in the rovere and noce canaletto veneers, in the matt, oxidized and gloss lacquered colours, or in a version upholstered with removable fabric, and can also be fitted with LED backlighting.

The padded storage beds’ lift mechanism now also comes in a motorized version with dual opening system controlled via wired remote, with a “storage” mode or “bed-making” mode to make everyday tasks that much easier. The manual mechanism is still an option. 


The finishes are one of the main new developments presented by NOVAMOBILI: to start with, high-end materials have been extended to the bedroom world, including clays, noce canaletto and the rovere veneers — which were already a distinctive feature of the living room ranges — thus taking design options to the next level with the impressive versatility on offer. The “textured” category has been supplemented with the Clay finish, which is used both for wardrobe interiors and for walk-in closets (back panels, shelves and drawer units). Brown and Tin are the two new additions to the metal lacquered category: this is an option that applies across the whole NOVAMOBILI collection.