The Valencian company launches a complementary line with novelties for its emblematic collection

The furniture firm Momocca defies high temperatures with even hotter novelties: the new Adara Light design line that complements the Adara Collection. With unprecedented configuration possibilities, a variety of profiles and new modules with which to configure an infinity of unique designs, Adara Light is demarcated thanks to the incorporation of a series of side tables and complementary shelves in the collection.

‘In view of the good reception of Adara, we sought to offer new solutions with the same design concept. We wanted to offer visually lighter spaces that would continue with our design line,’ says Lourdes Coll, the brand’s designer.

After several years in the market and its recent internationalization, Momocca has known how to listen and provide solutions to the spatial needs of its public. New dimensions thanks to the new 40cm deep C module and a great variety of personalisation possibilities thanks to the perimeter profiles, traditionally in black lacquered metal, which are now also available in wood or lacquered wood. Design and innovation work together for the presentation of the possibility of four curved corners generating a furniture exempt, distinctive and adapted to the latest trends.

The icing on the cake? The creation of the new Adara Light design line. A series of side tables and shelves with infinite configuration possibilities. The confluence of metal, wood and stone so characteristic of the Valencian firm remains intact in this new modality of furniture and the detail of natural stone on the wooden shelves allows, once again, Adara captures all the attention of any room.

‘We wanted to create a light and simple system that would continue with the emblematic Adara curve. We wanted to make the family grow in order to be able to offer a more complete solution to each type of space; for this reason we have continued with the same formal line when transferring the curve from the metallic profile to the little tables and etsantes. In the same way that the curve makes a wink to our other collection. ‘ Commented Lourdes.

With this launch, Momocca is warming up for what will be its third participation in Feria Habitat Valencia, a fair in which visitors will be delighted, for the third consecutive year, with the presentation of a completely new collection as well as other surprises that will not leave anyone indifferent.

About Momocca

Momocca is a young Valencian furniture firm with a fresh and energetic spirit. The convergence of an audacious and multidisciplinary team makes it possible to create modular solutions that are completely configurable and adaptable. Its business philosophy promotes and defends direct and personal dealings with its customers and distributors.  And all this thanks to the dedication both at the time of elaborating its pieces, and when selecting the materials used.

Versatility, singularity and innovation in collections that promise quality in every detail is Momocca’s identity motto. Furniture with a character capable of transmitting timelessness and collections designed to remain desirable over time.