Mediterranean essence in the new collections of ISIMAR


The collection is inspired by the Mitjorn beach, a natural paradise located on the island of Formentera The faceted lines create a geometric design, which comes to life in these avant garde pieces the sun lounger, the armchair, the table and the reading.


BOLONIA collection is inspired by Bolonia considered to be one of the unique virgin beaches in southern Spain. The organic and smooth lines of the Bolonia collection imitate the waves that the sand creates at the Bolonia dune, a natural monument since 2001. As a result of the nature inspired design, the BOLONIA collection is elegant and very comfortable, perfect for relaxing in both outdoor and indoor spaces. This year we are i ntroducing the NEW BOLONIA pouf and lounge armchair The perfect balance between sophisticated comfortable.


PARADISO symbolizes the interior designer’s dream about a retro product with shapes inspired by the 50 ´ s MiMo (Miami
Modern) aesthetics Paradiso collection includes stools, chairs and tables The seat measures are designed to offer a very comfortable experience The wide range of metal colors for the structure and fabrics finishes for the upholstery, guarantees a perfect fit both indoors and outdoors. This year we are introducing the NEW PARADISO side, low and high table