FINSA promotes the design in Habitat’19 through the nude platform and its Agora

With more than 80 years of history, Finsa has evolved to position itself as one of the world reference brands in the wood sector. Over the years, the company has advanced, without losing its essence but adapting to the new times, with sustainability as the main value and design as an idea for the future.

Although the line of work is extremely wide, with all kinds of decorative solutions in wood, design is currently one of the central axes on which all the novelties that are exported to more than 75 countries around the world are developed. .

Finsa carries the design in its DNA, not only as a fundamental part of the creation of its products, but also as one of its strengths and brand identity. Over the years, its importance and Finsa’s commitment to design has been demonstrated through various presentations, talks, fairs and exhibitions, such as Casa Decor 2017.

In addition, in recent years, the brand has published the Trendbooks (or trend books). This tool seeks, year after year, to become an inspiration guide, advancing the basic lines that will inspire the design and materials that will be part of the spaces that we will inhabit in the following years. In its latest edition of 2018-2019, the Trendbook was carried out in collaboration with the prestigious London trend agency Color Hive. This tool was the product of the analysis of the evolution of lifestyles and consumption, made with the aim of understanding how cultural and social changes affect and define us. It took into account the most significant advances in the field of technology, architecture and interior design, to identify trends and key factors that frame the context in the development and application of decorative surfaces that are part of the spaces that we inhabit. These Trendbooks have been made known through talks in Colombia, France, Italy, London, Germany or Canada among others …

Also in the field of design, Finsa wanted to take a step forward and bet on working together with designers such as Envisions. The Dutch collective developed the project “Wood in process”, which was the premiere of Finsa at Milan Design Week in 2017. In collaboration with the group of designers, the exhibition showed Finsa wood products in a completely different way .

After this first triumph, and after going through the Mobile Fair in Milan, the London Design Fair in London and the Dutch Design Week, in 2018 the collaboration acquired a new focus in which the designers focused on the beginning of the creation of a feasible industrial process based on the creative study in Finsa’s own factories. After all this journey was born “Wood in progress”, the second stage of the project, which turned the first samples into works of industrial dimensions with a renewed character, exploring new techniques and processes. In the 2019 edition of the Milan Mobile Fair, the lumber company created Astral Bodies together with Enorme Studio and Vitamin.

In short, all the effort and work that is carried out each day is a step towards innovation in each of its aspects of manufacturing, in addition to having very present that the design is for Finsa one of the key points of future