Zünd cutting systems: your first choice in digital cutting

Do you manufacture upholstered furniture in small series or customised furniture? Do you want to replace unwieldy and difficult to store cardboard templates with digital patterns and optimise the degree of material utilisation? Do you need a cost-effective and optimal cutting option for textiles?

Zünd flatbed cutting tables are the perfect cutting solution for your upholstery, home textile and lampshade requirements: powerful, precise and modular.

Digitalisation is changing the home textiles market; the demand for customised upholstered furniture, blinds, lampshades, curtains, pillows, bedspreads, etc. is steadily increasing.

For this, manufacturers need to automate and digitise all levels of production for reduced, simplified and above all cost-effective workflows.

For almost 40 years, Zünd has dedicated its research and development to the boost of single-ply flatbed cutting tables for the upholstery and textile markets, among many others.

Zünd offers multiple possibilities and options to suit each and every one of your needs, applications and requirements: material feed and transport systems, a wide variety of cutting, drawing and marking tools and the latest software solutions: production control, pre-calculation of production times, optimisation and material savings, which together form the ideal solution for perfect, precise and cost-effective cutting/finishing of your production.

All these new tools and software will be presented on the stand of:

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