Serip gives rise to new collections

Serip, an historical Portuguese company and a household name specialized in the craft of artistic sculptures inspired by Nature and its organic elements, has launched its latest collections – Origem, Dandelion and Voa Rebirth – composed by more of 30 pieces, at Feria Hábitat València.

In resemblance to nature, we embraced the course of life, turned the page and started a new chapter marked by the launch of 3 new collections whose concepts imbibed from the Nature’s life cycle, its reaction to the uncertain and its ability to reinvent itself.

The Origem, the word says it all. This collection was inspired by Nature’s response to catastrophic situations, which reflect the darker side, the chaotic. It is surprising… in front of darkness and chaos, Nature always reacts with life. It never reacts in reciprocity, always with light, always with life. It’s about the manifestation of beauty in the midst of chaos, about illuminating what is already destroyed and revealing what can be extracted from its core. It’s about the ability to face uncertainty, seeing it as an opportunity for transformation and evolution to a new state, giving rise to new forms of life. This collection is represented by more primordial elements, the stone referring to the tectonic plates – the beginning of planet earth after a natural catastrophe – and the embrace of lianas, of new roots around the stone, portrays Nature wanting to resurge. It is this stage of origin, of beginning, of creation of life, that inspired this new collection. The Origin, the turning to a new page, the beginning of a new chapter.

The Dandelion is a plant that goes through several stages. First it is a small plant that is born in the soil, grows, goes through the flower stage and, so that the dandelion doesn’t become extinct, Nature created a new stage, the white ball stage, allowing it, with the help of the wind, to free itself, give wings to its seeds and reproduce again. Nature created and included a new stage in the dandelions life cycle to promote continuity, to promote a new page, a new turning point and, consequently, a new opportunity. This evolutionary capacity of this being is surprising, it itself gives life to other plants. The essence of the Dandelion collection is based on the importance of the cycle of life, the passing and overcoming of the various phases inherent to it so that it is possible to fly and embark on new opportunities. It is necessary to understand that life is made of cycles that are essential to our evolution: the end of some are the beginning of others. The pieces of this collection reveal this duality of feelings between the dark and raw, the subtle and graceful, representing the various stages of life, some more bitter, others sweeter, but all necessary. They do not exist without each other and together they represent a “whole”. Like the dandelion, the secret lies in letting ourselves go with the flow of life, embracing the unknown and believing in the possibility of a new beginning. Life is a journey.

In the Voa collection, there was a Rebirth of the pre-existing Voa collection, demonstrating the initial stage of the collection, its evolutionary stage and not so much its conclusion. Although this already exists in a more concrete form like the one that existed before, there is a resurgence of it in a more embryonic form, which reveals how it is conceived. The collection was elaborated a while ago, but Nature wanted it to revive, to show its recreation. Thus emerges/arise the Voa Rebirth Collection, in which the Voa is reborn. The casting is more delicate, it is more elegant, it is still blossoming… the Voas themselves are also smaller, they are in an evolutionary phase of growth, of rebirth. Besides that there’s also the inclusion of Nature itself in the collection, rising from delicate nests made of glass. The swallows delicately emerging through the pieces, coming to life and composing the collection through magical movements reflect this concept of Nature’s rebirth, of recreation.

Nature itself has its own perception of life, it lives in its own way. We find it so amazing and inspiring that we brought that essence to the creative process of the 3 new collections.

About Serip

Serip is a Portuguese company that was founded in 1961, specialized in conceptualizing, designing and crafting nature-inspired illumination sculptures that translate the uniqueness of the organic elements into works of art.

The company’s legacy is composed of three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship that materialize a creative bridge between artisans and designers, providing a unique point of view of the artisanal creation, contrasting with the production processes of modern times.

Today, Serip is present all over the world, with a set of clients from the most varied countries.