NEST Chair by SELLEX, the nest that adapts to you

This new collection of chairs with “intelligent backrest” is the result of a collaboration between the designer Jordi Pla and the honest design furniture company SELLEX.

At a time when the word intelligence is being redefined, the designer Jordi Pla and the honest design furniture company SELLEX have joined forces to do their bit with a new range of chairs. This is the NEST collection, a new seating programme that stands out for its “intelligent backrest”, capable of adapting to the back of each user, something possible thanks to the separation between the backrest and the armrests.

This intelligent design is the work of Jordi Pla, who defines the NEST Chair as “the nest that adapts to you”. A phrase that could not sum up the idea of this seat better since, thanks to the enveloping and enclosed design of its shell, the sensation it gives is that of “being in a nest”, offering optimum comfort. With the NEST Chair programme, the term “comfortable” takes on its full meaning.

Moreover, by offering the possibility of choosing between different frames, finishes and heights, this new collection is very versatile, making the NEST Chair perfect for all types of installations, from offices and cultural spaces to restaurants and hotels.

Let’s take a closer look at all the available possibilities:

  • The NEST Basic Chair is the only chair in the collection that can be stacked in up to 6 units on the floor which, in addition to being a comfortable seat, is very practical for multifunctional installations where space needs to be optimised.
  • The NEST Sled Chair stands out for the purity of its lines. Its design is ideal for cultural centres, hotels or bars and restaurants. As it is as comfortable as the rest of its companions in the collection, it could also be used in work spaces.
  • The NEST Pyramidal on 4 Glides Chair brings to the space the sense of order that an office or collaborative work facility requires. A seat that offers, on the one hand, the necessary comfort to carry out our tasks, and on the other hand, a neutral design that fits easily with any style.
  • The NEST Pyramidal on 4 Castors Chair has the advantage of being able to slide the seating and swivel on itself, which allows any workspace (offices, co-workings, conference rooms) to be equipped with this version of the NEST Chairs programme.
  • The NEST Wooden Legs Chair offers maximum comfort with an exclusive design that makes this chair the perfect complement for a hotel lobby, a cafeteria or restaurant and even for workspaces or cultural centres.
  • Finally, the NEST High Chair is a seating that is just as comfortable as the other versions in the programme, because height is no impediment to comfort. Available in two heights (65 and 76 cm), this chair can be found in the collaborative workspaces of a company or in the cafeteria of a hotel.

In addition to all these possibilities, the NEST family has a 100/100 version, which, being made from 100% recycled and recyclable material, is sustainable and environmentally friendly. At the moment, the chairs of the Range 100/100 are available in Black 100/100 and Blanco Roto 100/100.

The complete collection of the NEST Chair is touring various national and international trade fairs, including the Feria Hábitat in Valencia and the Orgatec Fair in Cologne.


SELLEX is a company dedicated to the manufacture of honest design furniture for facilities: Hospitals, Hotels, Passenger Terminals, Offices, Funeral Homes, etc. It collaborates with top designers such as Lievore Altherr Molina, Mario Ruiz, Burkhard Vogtherr, Carlos Tíscar and Gemma Bernal, among others, who have helped SELLEX products to gain national and international recognition.

About Jordi Pla

After having worked and collaborated with different companies and designers linked to the world of design and engineering, in 2011 he decided to found his own studio (Jordi Pla Studio) with which he began a new professional stage. Here he creates a wide variety of designs focused on different market sectors such as furniture, lighting, street furniture, kitchenware, accessories and packaging. A work that he combines with his work as a teacher.