Möbel: the revolution of furniture and white range home deliveries

Möbel has a very clear objective: SERVICE

In Spain, Europe and around the world, everyone talks about sacrifice and togetherness. The reason why different logistic and home delivery companies that work in the furniture and white range sector, got together to offer final clients an installation and delivery service at the highest quality, offering different alternatives.

Möbel manage to get a professional team in order to search a shared achievement in a unique and a different project.

We are specialists in the warehouse, transport and assembly sector to upholstery, rest furniture, white and brown range, office furniture and any kind of home furniture.

One of our specialities is to organise all supply chain, collecting the orders on their platforms and delivering the goods into our client´s shops and warehouses or getting them directly into the homes assembling all the components. We allow our customers to open new opportunities and sale channels reducing intermediary costs (management)

Moreover, we are capable of delivering, not just at national level but international level too.

Möbel is the best e-commerce delivering company choice for your business.