Milos Collection by Jean-Marie Massaud for Vondom at Feria Hábitat València 2023

For this new collaboration with Vondom, I wanted to evoke the original identity of this brand born between the sea and mountains in València. Milos different pieces are like a collection of rocks gently shaped by winds and waves that create a typical Mediterranean landscape. My intention was to bring to Vondom a non-Cartesian planning that you can combine organically, as life on a reef.

Milos is a very versatile collection with flavours. Milos items sweet shapes put you in a good mood and invite you enjoying the moment; the day under the sun, at night looking the stars or partying with friends. The different pieces can come in contrast in a very modern environment, as well as in a perfect harmony with an outdoor landscape, in a residential configuration or on a large hotel terrace.

“Milos is an informal collection. It’s about business, comfort. It’s aventing, generous and also organic. Is a place to be ease”, Jean-Marie Massaud.