In the last years the development of materials was inspired by fantasy, by an evocation of rustic materials, metal and stone that have been artificially created in order to equal extreme and fictional concepts of nature.  The RAW aesthetic trend lead this development and ROS was the first brand to introduce this trend to the kids’ bedrooms with the launching of RUSTIC design, followed by URBAN and DARK, all of them with great commercial impact.

We are witnessing a process of change and, once more, ROS introduces this change in the industry. There is a return to life’s natural way, to the display of natural materials that appear with gradations of shades and nuances but, still, pure. The praise of nature is back, a style that embodies a lifestyle, where materials and essential elements create modest but warm atmospheres.

Oak, pine and beech lead this transformation.  It is not random, then, that Montana and bio, the two proposals that ROS presents this year, go together because one without the other is not complete, because both are partners and speak the same language, both arrive as naturally as they were born.

ROS proposal is, as usual, ground-breaking, new, fresh, full of life, born to build something, to provide value to our customers, with an innovative as well as market-focused approach, creative as well as functional. Montana and Bio come to dress up our stand, to live our dreams, to whisper a secret: La Vie en Ros HAS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO TELL YOU.