Feria Valencia beats its own forecasts with more than 48,000 trade visitors flocking to Hábitat, Textilhogar and Espacio Cocina SICI

  • The three fairs taking place at the same time translated into the number of visiting professionals being 30% higher than expected, according to closing figures. 
  • Patricia Urquiola, born in Asturias but now based in Milan, put the final touch to Hábitat 2022, consolidating event as international point of reference for design.  

Valencia, 27th September 2022.- The most optimistic forecasts are exceeded.  Feria Hábitat ValènciaHome Textiles Premium by Textilhogar and Espacio Cocina SICI have run alongside each other for four days it is looking like more than 48,000 professionals have attended the three fairs since they opened last Tuesday. The figure represents a 30% increase over the figures for the last editions of each of the fairs, which took place separately in 2019, and vindicates the investment in creating a large-format fair with huge power to attract an audience from across the industries involved.

Equally, the figures ratify the sense running through the aisles at Feria Valencia almost as soon as the events started that turnout was considerably greater than expected. Solid proof was that hotel occupancy in the city of Valencia was extremely high throughout that week. According to industry sources, the hotels close to Feria Valencia were 92% full for the week and attribute 40 to 50 of that occupation rate to the fairs taking place.

Feria Hábitat Valencia director Daniel Marco has said he is “deeply satisfied” with the results of this edition, especially “by Feria Valencia’s ability to coordinate an event that all sectors joined up to, creating a huge fair with huge power to attract visitors.”  Also, Marcos says, “we have been the perfect showcase and the high point of Valencia’s celebrations as World Design Capital. But beyond that, we have generated business for our industry and the different sales channels, through both distributors and the contract sector”.

Juan Luis Salvador, president of the Espacio Cocina SICI fair and of the kitchen furniture association, AMC, has claimed for his part that he is “very satisfied” with his sector’s move to run at the same time as Hábitat in particular. “We expanded the scope of our visitor profile, so the opportunities for our exhibitors to do business multiplied accordingly”, explains Salvador, underscoring that the fair is a “magnificent showcase” for showing “the latest trends in the field of kitchens and how our homes are changing, revolving around the kitchen”.

In the meantime, Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar, having returned to Valencia, has closed its doors with the nigh on 250 brands that took part expressing a high degree of satisfaction with this edition of the fair. According to its director, Máximo Solaz, the most frequently made comment was about a “very satisfactory” fair “because we’ve done a lot a business”. He also highlighted the significant number of buyers who visited the event and, especially, the “quality” of these visitors, both Spanish and international. Solaz made the point that the main Spanish multiple retailers visited, whilst buyers and specifiers from 44 countries boosted the fair’s international profile.

Patricia Urquiola delivers finishing touch

One of the most notable features of today was the presence of Asturian designer, now based in Milan, Patricia Urquiola, who presented the Ory collection for Andreu World. Urquiola is considered to be one of the most influential international designers of recent decades and her presence in Valencia along with other stars of design such as Phillipe StarckMónica Armani and Jaime Hayón, firmly placed the Feria Valencia events, in the context of the Street World Design Festival as a point of reference in the field of design. 

Trends in Interiors heading towards sustainability, health and digitalization

The Cuaderno de Tendencias del Hábitat 22/23 (Review of Trends in Interiors 22/23) was presented today as one of the events taking place within the Hábitat, Textilhogar and Espacio Cocina SICI fairs. Compiled by the Observatorio de Tendencias del Hábitat (Observatory for Trends in Interiors), the paper reviews trends that are demonstrating a commitment to health and sustainability, the search for digital solutions, the importance of multi-channel routes to market and the refurbishment of domestic and public spaces. The Trends in Interiors 2022-2023 revealed were:

  • Emotional Luxury: where the luxury end of the market presents its audience with products that reflect a new perception more closely aligned with the values of sustainability and efficiency. 
  • Nostalgia:creatingreminders of happy times amid the current convulsion, through retro style items and replicas of design classics; resurgence of a more vintage style in interiors.
  • All Comfort: re-assesses an approach that is more holistic and geared to restoring health; the relationship between wellbeing and the environment is gaining traction and healthy interiors are being promoted.
  • Nature Boost: the idea is to attempt to emulate garden spaces in interior spaces by using plants, furniture, objects and products all made from natural materials.
  • Living Spaces: outdoor living and social contact are highly valued. Projects with a communal focus. 
  • Optimistic Expression: linked to the pleasure of feeling good and enjoying leisure time, with eye-catching products laden with personality where colour is key. 
  • Experimental:  keeps demonstrating a creative spirit with technology as a channel that is an ally for experimentation. 

ECSICI2022 Prizes

Espacio Cocina SICI, for its part, also held an award ceremony: for the first edition of business awards it is giving to companies exhibiting. In the business values category, manufacturer Mobalco was recognised, whilst the winners of the stand & corporate image and the product innovation categories were manufacturers Antalia and Saitra respectively.