Expormim recreates the white light of the Mediterranean with its new Cadence collection

Luxury, according to the RAE dictionary, is the “abundance in adornment or in comforts and sumptuous objects. To allow oneself, for pure satisfaction, to do something that exceeds the limits of the normal or the due.” Well, in recent years, Expormim has been working on a new definition of luxury. Cadence, the new rattan collection designed by David López Quincoces, embodies our particular approach to the concept, which moves away from the superfluity and extravagance often associated with it.

For us, craftsmanship is luxury. The humility of rattan is luxury. Discreet design is luxury. Simplicity is luxury. And certainly, comfort is luxury. And if we combine craftsmanship, humility, discreet design, simplicity, and comfort, as designer David López Quincoces has done, the result is Cadence, a rattan collection that seeks to overturn luxury conventions and give it a new meaning based on the company’s values.

Music, maestro, please!

In Cadence, rattan once again constitutes the starting point and central axis of the project. The search for harmony and the almost musical rhythm of the collection revolves around the unique characteristics of the material. Cadence is also inspired by the consolidated tradition of rattan represented by Expormim and the innovative solutions that have not only managed to update it but make it a more than viable option to bring to life timeless objects, objects destined to become classics.

Cadence stands out for being a perfect combination of design, tradition, and avant-garde, as it directly draws from the company’s philosophy and intrinsic values. With its distinctive rattan elements arranged to reinforce the sense of verticality and outline the silhouette of the piece in an elegant symphony, the Cadence rattan collection includes a two-seater sofa, a three-seater sofa, an XL sofa, and two armchairs of different sizes. Cadence is everyday luxury, a guilt-free pleasure of contemporary design.