Evanyrouse: New Collection is portuguese furniture at its best

The furniture designers and producers from Portugal showcase the Rocco Collection in a breathtaking stand at Feria Habitat in Valencia

Celebrating 15 years, the brand has carefully idealized an unique space, debuting the highlights of its new contemporary furniture collection in striking finishes, upholstery and materials.

Completely designed and manufactured in-house, this is the most ambitious Evanyrouse collection to date, as it aims to reach new markets and offer a wider selection to current customers.

Boasting sleek round lines, Rocco’s pieces are a full dive into the world of simple elegant furniture that still pops in any interior design project.

Adding to the Rocco Collection, Evanyrouse has completed the stand’s decor with some of its classic designs, showing their timelessness and adaptability.

You can visit Evanyrouse at Nivel 2, Pabellón 2, A30. They’ll be thrilled to welcome you!

Some of the key pieces in the Rocco Collection:

Rocco Sideboard

An imposing presence in any dining room, this is a complete storage solution for the nice china and tableware, all while being appealing to look at. A perfect choice to turn a eating place into a full thought out independent space.

Rocco Armchair

Armchair with a curved back which extends into two ergonomic armrests. This piece stands as both a statement piece as well as adding comfort and versatility to any seating arrangement.

Rocco Sofa

This sofa is a modular dream come true. Totally customizable and with a timeless design, it represents a priceless addition to Evanyrouse’s catalogue. Designed by Evanyrouse’s design team with comfort in mind, its versatility to fit into a myriad of interior design projects has made it an instant hit

Rocco Dining Table

The latest demonstration of Evanyrouse’s knack for dining room furniture, this elegant pieces’ lines seem to flow seamlessly throughout, from the marble or wooden top to the metallic feet. The extendable option with easy opening is also a solid plus of this beautiful dining table.

Rocco TV Stand

Within the same principle design, the designers at Evanyrouse have created different identities to this piece. The footless version resembles a capsule, with its rounded edges and flush design. Its simplicity is in the favor of function. The elevated version commands some more room from the visual landscape of the living room, becoming a bit less discreet and more of a statement piece.