Gata by Expomim, rattan stripped to the bone

Miguel Milá is widely considered one of the main references of industrial design in Spain. Therefore, when the opportunity to collaborate with him arose, we felt more than lucky and honoured, especially because it was Milá himself who came with the idea.

Today, after several years of working together and a few versions, we are able to show the final result of this cooperation: a chair called Gata and two stools called Gres, both made of rattan, of course. Because it was rattan what attracted Milá –who defines himself as a “pre-industrial” designer and has never hidden his taste for fine materials– to Expormim.

Gata originates from a thorough search for balance between the different elements, shapes and diameters of the rattan cane in order to produce a comfortable and resistant seating, as well as an aesthetically harmonic one. Its lines flow smoothly to create a handle at the top of the backrest making its transport easier and bringing to light one of its main virtues: its lightness.

Although apparently simple, its design process has gone through multiple stages and reviews, always under the watchful supervision of Miguel and his son Gonzalo, with whom he shares authorship. A rattan chair, plainly and simply, without additives, functional and made to last. The way good design should be now as ever, according to Milá.