Throughout 10 years of experience, Domkapa has established itself as a reference in the upholstering business. Now, innovate for a Summer trend that was what your house missing to be complete. Therefore, Dompaka creates a new collection: Living Outdoors.

Endowed with the most modern technology and a manufacturing area of over 5500 m2 (over 59.000 sq/ft), Domkapa does business nationally and beyond borders, covering all of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Domkapa is a cemented project, but never a settled project. Domkapa always aims to reach higher and be better, with its experience and strong investment in cutting-edge design.

Domkapa’s furniture is functional and inviting and can be customized like you prefer. All products are manufactured in Portugal, by portuguese craftsman, using the finest materials. Quality, rigour and innovation remain the values of Domkapa and you can prove it through this new collection.