Manama arises as a family business from a small carpentry shop and also a dressmaking shop since 1940. In 1990 the company embarks itself on corporate evolution path, without neglecting the characteristic of our handcraft production, introducing a major shift in industrial character in the entire process of creating, manufacturing and logistics of all our products.

A huge catalogue of products, all aimed at equipping the inside of a current home sets us as a company able to nearly equip a full house with a range of items intertwined with each other and thought from a perspective of serving the purpose for which they were designed.

Creativity, innovation and the “know how” of highly skilled artisan hands with the latest technological developments make it possible to manufacture products of impeccable quality.

High quality products that gain value over time.

Timeless designs away from fads that make us enjoy objects that will accompany us for a good part of our life.

The development and production of all our products custom-made makes our company a major supplier to professional interior designers as well as regular customers. We adapt everything we produce to spaces giving a wide range of practical and technical solutions to those problems that arise while equipping a home.

You can find us in Hall 2 Stand C76.