12:00 h.– Official opening. CENTRAL FORUM

13:00 h.- Meeting with the press and visit of Mario Ruiz exhibition, with the presence of the designer. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR

15:00 – 18: 00 h.- Conference on International Contracts. STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7


Cuquerella Abogados, a law firm specializing in internationalization and banking law.


15:00 -16: 00 h.- Conference ‘How to draft international contracts: distribution, agency and professional project contracts. Get it right first time and avoid any mistakes.

Organized by: FEDAI-Lighting from Spain.

16:00 h.- Craftsmanship and Design workshop. Contemporary Craftsmanship in the spotlight: the partnership between artisans and designers.  ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

Presentation and moderation:

Laura de Miguel
Juan Carlos Santos

Debate between designers, artisans and micro-businesses:

Nieves Contreras, designer and head of the Lladró Design team.
Adrian Salvador, fashion designer.
Isaac Piñero, designer and professor at the Massana School.
Juan Carlos Iñesta from Domanises

Debate between schools of design and art, associations and institutions

Manuel Martínez Torán from UPV
Antonio Sánchez, Deputy Director of EASD Valencia
Luis Morales from EASC Manises
Natxo Costa, General Director of Commerce and Consumer and Vicepresident of the Centre de Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana.

18:30 h.Press Tour Andreu World new collections. Free ‘Shuttle’ to the Andreu World showroom to enjoy showcooking and tapas with the best design. STAND ANDREU WORLD. LEVEL 2 PAVILION 2 STAND N5


10:00 to 13:30 – ‘The Future of Contracts’. Advances and the future of the contract sector. Organized by Grupo Vía. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

10:00 h.-  Delegates arrive.

10:30 h.- Welcome and Introduction. Jordi Cuenca, CEO Verum Hotel Develpment

10:35 h.- Visual presentation:

José Manuel Fernández, Executive Director Cuarto Interior
Ignasi Llauradó, CEO and Creative Director Dear Design
Rockwell Group
Víctor Camacho, Welcome Design
Mercè Borrell, MB Interior Designer
Jordi Cuenca, CEO Verum Hotel Develpment ¡
Tomás Alía

12:15 h.- Round table discussion with all speakers.

12:40 h.- Questions from the audience.

13:00 h.- Event closes. Drinks reception.

11.00- 12.30 h.- “SEO Workshop: Steps to making Google your closest ally”. STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7

Speaker: M.J. Cachón, one of the best when it comes to SEO and online marketing in Spain, with a name regarded as one of the most reputable.

Organizer: FEDAI- Lighting from Spain

12:00 h.- Meet the press. Presentation DUPEN new collections. A cocktail will be served. STAND DUPEN. LEVEL 2 PAVILION 1 STAND C7

13:00 -13: 30 h.-Talk about La Casa Sardinera by Arq. Ramón Esteve‘ and delivery of the Black & Gold Medal Prize European Grand Prize of the IX CIDI Latin American Biennial of Interior Design, Design & Landscaping 2017 – 2018. STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7

Speaker: Arq. Ramón Esteve

They give Prize: Juan Bernardo Dolores– Iberoamerican President CIDI and maximum responsible for Feria Hábitat Valencia and ANIEME.

Organized by: ANIEME- Furniture from Spain

16:00 h.- ‘Coordinating eCommerce and the physical retail outlet: the key to driving sales’. presentation. AUSIÀS MARCH ROOM.

16:30 to 18:30 h.- Contract workshop. Industrialization of the contract sector and how to open new markets. Organizer: Ecus Sleep. Moderator: Rubén Pons. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

16:30 h.- Presentation. Rubén Pons. Proyectos Nur
16:35 h.- Sergio Baragaño. BHome
Guillermo Martínez. Neoblockmodular
17:05 h.- Ramón Garayar. GAT Gestión Activos Turísticos
17:20 h.- Camino Alonso / Ignacio Lechón. Abaton
17:45 h.- Jesús Menéndez. Hotel Mystery Guest
18:00 h.- Pablo Vázquez. Vivood Landscape Hotels
18:25 h.- Closing


All day – VIth National Design Associations Congress (6ENAD) –EVENTS CENTRE, FERIA VALENCIA. Full programm here

10:30 h.- Lecture: ‘Pedro Miralles, the Compàs desk and the meaning of design. Speaker: Pilar Mellado. ELISAVA. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

11.00- 11.30h.- Event presentation. 2nd Edition of Frame Lab and Frame Awards Amsterdam ( STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7

Speakers: Stefan Kokkes Head of International Marketing ABI- Interior Business Association Robert Thiemann, founder and chief editor of Frame Magazine

 Organizer: ANIEME- Mueble de España

11:30 h.- Review of Trends in Interiors 18/20: main trends and the keys to change. Vicente Sales (Aidimme). ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

12.30-13.30 h.-: “Brand and product images in the digital environment” . STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7


1.- “If you are not a brand you are a merchandise”  Speaker: Ana Mata, CMO de

2.- “Instagram, its use in the B2B environment”. Speaker: Biladi, Luján, CEO de Sakudarte (

Organizer: ANIEME- Mueble de España

13:00 h.- Lecture: ‘3D, printing the world’. Speakers: Carmen Baselga and Héctor Serrano. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

15:30 h.- Lecture by Miguel Herranz. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)

16:30 h.- Lecture by  Pablo Rubio-  erretres . ÁGORA NUDE (Distribuidor Central)

17:30 h.- Award Ceremony Workshop ACTIU / nude. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Distributor)

18:00 h.- Cervezas Turia Afterwork. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)


10:30 h.-  Round Table discussion: ‘How to manage design in business’. Organized by Castellón based association La Exprimidora. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)


Soledat Berbegal (Adviser of Actiu)
Blanca Serrano (Product manager, Sanycces)
Francisco García (CEO Capdell)
David Díaz Díaz (president LXP), moderator
Santi Martín (Member of Estudio Vitale)
Vicent Clausell (Designer Clausell studio)
Verónica Fabregat (Designer at Meridiana Estudio)

11:30 -16: 30 h.- Special Amazon 2018. STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7


Juan Robles– Furniture´s responable for Amazon-Spain and Italy.

Alejandra Mezza– Furniture buyer responsable for Amazon.


11.30-12.15 h.-: “The world of e-commerce and online furniture and home market”

12.30- 13.30 h.-: “Being an Amazon provider”

14.30-16.30 h.-.: Individuals meetings with Amazon staff

Registration required. Click here ( More info at

Organized by: ANIEME- Furniture from Spain

12:30 h.- Meet the interior designers.  Forum #InnoDesignInterior design as added value with a difference’. Tribute to Fernando Subirats. ÁGORA NUDE (Central Mall)


Juan Bernardo Dolores, (Mexico). President of CIDI
Ramon Prous. Director of ALTAVE.
Miguel Lozano (Valencia). Estudio Huuun and co-director of the Master and Postgraduate in Retail: “Management in the Purchase Experience”, by the UEV
Gabriel Bautista (Murcia / Madrid) (Antro Design). Director of the communication department of CODIDRM
Asun Tello, (Madrid) Property Specialist.
Mar Vera, (Madrid) Expert in Visual Interior Design with Envés design and component of the 360º multidisciplinary team of Welcome Design
Mari Carmen Ortuño, (Murcia) (MCO-decora) .Homedecor. Secretary of the College of Interior Designers of Murcia
Lorena Torres Boker, (Bokerdesign) (Madrid) Study of Architecture, Interior Design, 3D Visualization, Digital Marketing and Design.
Luz Huerga, (HomestagingLuz) (Asturias) Specialized in advice and development of interior design projects and Home Staging
Mara Pardo (marapardoestudio) (Santander) Residential with energy efficiency and contract studies. Communication: CEO
Amparo Martínez Vidal, (Madrid / Murcia). Love Retail & Hospitality Interiors. Influencer of Architecture @amparo_m_vidal. Correspondent Arquia, Arquinews 10Deco, Diario de Murcia ..
Javier Hernandez (Gahecor) (Madrid) Reform and rehabilitation. Speaker of the Marketing and Communication Committee of Anerr
Inma Guijarro (Murcia) Interiorist and Bachelor of Fine Arts .. Communication Department of the College of Interior Designers of the Region of Murcia
Ana García (Murcia) Interior Design, Decoration, LifeStyle.
Carol Sánchez (Santander). Creation and transformation of spaces
Delia Company (Valencia). Student and collaborator of Fernando Subirats, currently studying Design at the Easd València
Antonio Toledo (Ciudad Real). Singular projects “Retail Volume”: Commercial Volume applied to the Retail Sector.
María Sortino (Italy / Salamanca). Interior Designer, professor of visual merchandising. University of Salamanca.
Luana García Rehabilitation and contract.
Bruno Lanuza. Rehabilitation and Hospitality. Museum installations / “Party l’arte da ricevere”.

13:00 h.- Lecture: “Knowing the consumer of the furniture industry“. Speaker: Víctor Rodríguez, CEO STAND ANIEME- Furniture from Spain / FEDAI- Lighting from Spain. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR. STAND 7

16:00 h.- ‘Combining eCommerce and the physical retail outlet: the key to driving sales’. Presentation by AUSIÀS MARCH ROOM

  • Exhibition: Mario Ruiz – CENTRAL MALL, FERIA VALENCIA
  • Workspace: Regional College of Architects of Valencia (CTAV)  CENTRAL MALL, FERIA VALENCIA
  • Exhibition ‘Guillochè’, Jewelry at Home. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR FERIA VALENCIA. ZONE ‘CHILL OUT’
  • 100% Italian coffee tasting area of the ‘Bocca della Verità’ brand. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR FERIA VALENCIA.
    Tasting of Valencian wines and cavas from Bodegas Vicente Gandia. CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR FERIA VALENCIA
  • Valencia Disseny Week events – Click here for full programme
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